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I'mZach Duda

Welcome! I'm glad you've decided to browse my humble abode. I'm currently a Junior at App State in NC, with a major in CIS and a concentration in Cyber Security.

Podcasterole Podcast

Like casserole, life has many layers to it, and most of them suck. Join me every Sunday to talk about the philiosophy that lies behind modern day problems. View Episodes

Minecraft Plugins

Since 2013, I've written several Java plugins that have taken off! Most noteably, my plugin ChatFeelings, which to date has over 500,000k downloads worldwide! I've also written desktop apps for several of my website projects to bring the user experience even closer. Pretty neat, right?

A Site for Empanadas

In 2019, I founded Empanadas.io, a website for empanadas. Today, it's grown into something huge! The user account system code for this site alone is used all across my projects: including this site! Try the most popular game: The Spin Game!

He1ium Music

I also make music! Since 2016, I've been tinkering with different VIMs to create snazzy melodies! I post the most on the He1ium instagram page, however there is also a website here you can checkout!

Experienced With

A handy man with no tools cannot repair squat. That's why I've got these amazing frameworks strapped to my belt:

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