Zach Duda

Hi, I'm Zach👋
I like to build things.

I'm a software developer from Boone, North Carolina who likes making cool stuff. While I do private projects on the side, most of my work is open-source, free, and licensed under a Non-Commerical Creative Commons license.

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Things Built by Zach
C Logo

Show your emotions in the popular video game: Minecraft! This plugin was one of the first projects I made and has nearly 500,000 downloads to date.

Project Fire

Created in 2019 as a satire passion project out of highschool, is a website I created to host "time killing" games that centerailzed off empanadas.

Mountaineer Metrics
Mountaineer Metrics

A powerful API that fetches all the scores from the NCAA and uses the power of tailwind to display beautiful and meaningful statistics.


A lil' About Me

2013: I began playing video games and grew curious of how they were made.

2014: "ChatFeelings" launched, a plugin for Minecraft born from nights of watching java programming tutorials. Far from perfect, but mine.

2015: Downloads for "ChatFeelings" surged, surpassing 100,000 downloads in a single week

2016: The "MangoMini" initiative was created by myself to test, build, and try out my Java programs.

2019: "" was launched as a parody website.

2020: "He1ium" project was born to experiment with music and sound design.

2023: "Mountaineer Metrics" was made for a senior project at my university.

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