Domain for Sale

MangoMini was founded in 2017 with the aim of being a unique Minecraft server. With the help of my close friends, we built a community that we were all proud of, and it lasted for almost six years. Although my priorities have changed, I still have a deep appreciation for MangoMini and the time we spent building it.

At some point, I plan to sell the domain, but I'm not interested in making a profit. Instead, I want to find someone who will use the domain name to create something meaningful and amazing. In recent years, the cost of purchasing domain names has skyrocketed, and it's frustrating to see large corporations hoard them for exorbitant amounts of money. I don't want that for

If you're interested in purchasing, I'm open to negotiation. While I'm hoping to get around $250, I'm willing to discuss a lower price. It's important to note that this price does not include the cost of renewing the domain with ICANN, which is currently around $10 per year.

If you decide to purchase, I will transfer the brand rights and likeness to you. I will no longer own any rights to the brand, and I plan to renew the domain indefinitely until a new owner is found. Please feel free to contact me if you're interested in making an offer.

Lastly and most importantly, I want to thank the members of the MangoMini community, thank you for being a part of something special. Your time and contributions helped shape the community into what it became. I'm proud of what we accomplished together, and I'm grateful for the friendships that were formed.

All the best,
~ Zach